Life's inevitable ways

I never meant to say no,
and stop the way our love flowed,
but all the things show,
this wasn't the way things were meant to go.

It hurts to say goodbye,
and I hope that you do,
understand all my reasons, and realize,
this hurts me as much as it does you.

You can never find a definite fate,
all paths change no matter how late.

I write full of remorse no matter what you believe,
it's not a choice that I've decided to leave,
it's just life and its inevitable ways,
but I hope you'll always be in my life to stay...


Life Is A Wonder

I don’t know how to describe this feeling,
Without sounding like a sentimental being;
Beauty can sometimes be found,
And this makes me feel safe and sound,
Many smiles,
So big they’re seen for many miles,
Life is a wonder,
But sadly full of war, poverty, hunger,
Where people are not what they seem,
Most are cold-hearted, mean,
But I dream of a beautiful place,
One full of grace,
Where humans behave like they should,
All equal, not misunderstood,
And those big smiles are real,
Not a big fake deal,
But then again, what I may dream of,
You may fear,
Isn’t that right my dear…?



I need to open my eyes to see,
how the world around me is changing quickly,
faces I once knew are a blur to me, insecurity.

Solitude corrupts the mind,
sneaks its way inside,
destroys your memories you've kept in hide,
before you know it, it's all a lie.

I feel my heart beat twice as fast,
confused, dropping to my knees,
holding back painful tears.

It feels like I've been holding onto sanity for a lifetime,
while insanity slowly makes its way through,
Isn't there anyone who can save me?
I feel lost on what to do...

By мαяια:;


Mississippi Burning

The light shines at the end of the road,
like heaven awaiting,
but little did they know,
the bright lights,
were just for show.

And like hounds they tracked us down,
our faces turned into deep frowns,
then the man approached us,
and spat out his words,
'til he had had enough.

Within seconds,
we were face to face,
with the bright light called heaven,
and it was there my soul cried,
"I swear to the lord, I still can't see,
why democracy means everybody...
but me."

By мαяια:;
*Quote took from Langston Hughes.*

If flowers could talk...

If flowers could talk,
they would whisper to each other whenever the wind blew,
like a long chain of chinese whispers,
talking about the weather and dew.

They would compliment each other on their
perfume fragranced petals,
and giggle when a bumble bee sucked out its nectar.

Their stalks and leaves,
which grew on them like clothes,
were talked about,
like they were part of a fashion show.

And the poor, unwanted, ugly garden weeds,
were the mockery and gossip that they would need.

By мαяια:;



Reminisce about the days,
where the laughs were there to stay,
where everything was alright,
and the night stars were bright.

The kisses that sealed our fate,
the passion that I've kept from those dates.

Now life has its ways,
things happen,
you weren't meant to stay...

So at day I'll reminisce,
and at night I'll dream,
and the smile on my face,
won't fade away...

By Мαяϊα:;

A Cursed Sun

His face is dark like the night,
his eyes are lifeless, not bright.
Standing in what seems a queue,
he knows he's next, he's due.

The air smells of smoke and burning flesh,
he closes his eyes and begs to be blessed,
Then they dance around the body,
while shouting, "Which of you Negro's is next?"
Stumbling he closes his eyes,
there was no time to even cry,
as his life was lynched out of him...

And so, there stood the cross,
it was the white demons sun,
and so,
the Ku Klux Klan,
has begun...

By Мαяϊα:;

Your Fantasyy.

I need a wake up call from what life can really be,
I need a call from reality.
Look me deep in the eyes and it’s easy to see,
A distant world reflecting me.
I can’t help but wonder why,
I should feel the need to cry.
Time passes oh so slowly by,
Am I being consumed by, lies?
I’m a myth,
Not a story,
I’m a fairytale with a different twist.
I’m fantasy, not your ordinary.
I dream with reality,
I see a world of lies,
With stereotypes,
And no originality.
He dreams with me,
I’m everything,
He wants to be.

By Мαяϊα:;